Ancient civilisations websites

Journey around the world and across time with the British Museum’s award-winning ancient civilisations websites for students and teachers. Uncover life, belief and practices in the ancient world using animations, 3D models and objects from the Museum collection.

Each website includes a staff room with downloadable resources.

Ancient civilisations

Ancient civilisations websiteMake connections between civilisations across the world and through time by exploring cities, buildings, writing, religion, trade and technology.
Supports KS2 and KS3


Ancient China

Ancient China websiteNavigate the tomb of a wealthy lord, learn about the creation of the world by Pangu and Nuwa, observe the work of Chinese master craftsmen and even try your hand at silkworm farming.
Supports KS2

Early imperial China

Imperial China websiteExplore the British Museum student's room to find a slide show of the Great Wall and original sources describing the first emperor's reign…
Supports KS3


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt websiteExplore temples and pyramids, make sense of hieroglyphs, unwrap mummification, learn about ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.
Supports KS2 and KS3


Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece screengrabVoyage with Odysseus, survive Spartan boy soldier training, gatecrash a wealthy party, take a tour round ancient Athens or dive down to a shipwreck and solve an ancient mystery.
Supports KS2


Ancient India

Ancient India websiteExplore the life of the Buddha and the gods of Hinduism. Discover the amazing 'lost' city of Mohenjo-daro, study mysterious Indus seals or journey through India as a pilgrim.
Supports KS2

Mughal India

Mughal India websiteTake a tour of the Taj Mahal, explore the methods of Mughal miniature painting and delve into a Mughal coin cabinet.
Supports KS3


Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia websiteExplore the ruins of a palace, the library of an astronomer and the Royal Tombs of Ur, then build your own ziggurat and calculate the movements of the planets.
Supports KS2

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