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All sessions must be pre-booked.

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The British Museum welcomes home educators

The unparalleled collections of the Museum are ideal for using world cultures to provide inspiration across a number of curriculum areas. Treasures from ancient Egypt, Greece, Britain, Rome, the Americas, Africa and Asia really bring history to life.

The Museum is also a great source of material for Art and Design including superb examples of pottery, sculpture, metalwork, masks and costume.

School sessions

The following sessions are open for booking by individual home educators for their children within the Key Stage 2 age range (7–11).

People of Benin
Greek myths
Egyptian mummies
Daily life in ancient Egypt
How Roman was Roman Britain?
Lives of the Ancient Maya

£1 per child, pre-booking essential

Viking Adventures from the British Museum

£2.50 per child, pre-booking essential

Home Educators Day

Thursday 13th June 2019


A special day dedicated to home educators, including presentations, workshops, trails and access to the school-exclusive morning visit of the special exhibition.

Suitable for children from 5-14.

£5 per child, pre-booking essential

This event is now SOLD OUT

Home Education Day Programme


The Museum provides a wide range of free activity sheets and resources aimed at schools which are available to download. All resources are available in Word and can be edited to suit your specific needs.

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Collection online

Family trails

There are seven family trails which offer a structured context to visits to engage children with the collection.

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Activity backpacks

These backpacks have loose themes within the cultures which offer excellent opportunities for follow-up work: Ancient Greece, Ancient Near East, Asian Faiths, Ancient Egypt (mummies), Mexico and Africa. They are available free of charge at weekends and on weekdays during school holidays from the Families Desk in the Great Court.

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