36 views of Mount Fuji print by Hokusai

Key Stage 2: Middle East and Asia  

Explore the Middle East and Asia through objects which chart the cultures from prehistory to the present day.

Take a trip to the Museum and learn about some of the earliest cities and examples of writing, in the ancient Mesopotamia self-led visit resource. Or delve into AD 900 in a Museum workshop, where students can visualise civilisations across the world.

You can also use our classroom resources before your visit, to familiarise the students with some of the objects they will see at the Museum, such as the colossal statue of a winged lion.

Take part in activities from the classroom, in a live interactive workshop. Students will discover the Indus Civilisation and the undeciphered Indus script.

Explore our fantastic Middle East and Asia programme.

Ages 7–11