Egyptian canopic jars decorated with heads of the four sons of Horus – human, hawk, baboon and jackal

Ancient Egypt
Ages 7–11
(Key Stage 2) 

Key information for ancient Egypt

Ages 7–11 (KS2)

Curriculum links

KS2 History: the achievements of the earliest civilisations – ancient Egypt.  

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The collection of Egyptian objects at the British Museum tells the story of life and death in the ancient Nile Valley.

Find out about the Rosetta Stone, mummification, gods and goddesses and the Egyptian afterlife. Students can engage with and experience the unique collection through online resources, Museum sessions or Virtual Visits. 

Our ancient Egypt learning programme includes: 

  • School sessions at the Museum such as presentations, handling workshops or digital sessions in the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre – you can also connect your class to the Museum in a Virtual Visit.  
  • Visit resources to use before, during and after your trip to the Museum.  
  • Student resources to use in the classroom or at home, with adult supervision. 
  • Teacher resources to use in the classroom, or at home if you are a home educator.  

Student resources