Marble relief depicting men riding on horses.

School presentation
An introduction to the Parthenon sculptures

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Focusing on the Parthenon sculptures, this presentation will introduce students to the ancient Greek cultural, social and historic context in which they were created and consider the impact the ancient Greeks had on western culture over the next two millennia.

Themes include buildings as symbols of power and ideas, representations in art of the 'civilised' and 'barbarian', material culture as evidence and religion.

Depending on group size, your students may be joined by students from other schools.

Ages: 11–14 (KS3)
This session is also available for KS4 students to book. It is most suitable for Year 10 students starting their Classical Civilisation or Ancient History GCSE and students building their cultural knowledge and understanding of the ancient Greek or Roman world.

Curriculum links: History, Classical Civilisation

Session time: 45 minutes

Maximum group size: 130

This session takes place in the Stevenson Lecture Theatre.

Session dates

September 2023
  • Thursday 28 September at 11.00
  • Thursday 28 September at 12.30
November 2023
  • Thursday 16 November at 11.00
  • Thursday 16 November at 12.30
January 2024
  • Monday 29 January at 11.00
  • Monday 29 January at 12.30
March 2024
  • Thursday 21 March at 11.00
  • Thursday 21 March at 12.30
May 2024
  • Monday 20 May at 11.00
  • Monday 20 May at 12.30
June 2024
  • Monday 24 June at 11.00
  • Monday 24 June at 12.30