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An introduction to African Kingdoms

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Thank you for your interest in African Kingdoms, unfortunately due to unforeseen staff shortages relevant to the delivery of these sessions we have temporarily suspended bookings.

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Through close observation and exploration of British Museum collection objects, this session aims to introduce some of the African Kingdoms which existed within the continent from 3100 BC. 

Using objects as evidence to explore the belief systems, trading practices, organisational structures and signifiers of adornment, students will develop a critical understanding of how the kingdoms developed over time and what made each kingdom unique and powerful. 

Ages: 11–16 (KS3 and KS4)

Curriculum links: History, Citizenship, Personal and Social Education, Geography, Art, cross curricular

Maximum group size: 35
Please note your class will be split into two groups upon arrival. One group will explore the galleries, while the other is in the on-site classroom. The groups will switch after lunch.

Session time: 10.30–13.30, which includes 30 minutes for lunch at 12.00–12.30.