Online tours

  • Africa

    Two million years of African history and art through the British Museum collection.

  • Americas

    Discover the history fo the peoples of the Americas through objects and traditional ways of life.

  • Asia

    A range of tours encompassing the art and history of Asia from ancient times to the present day.

  • Britain

    Explore objects from the British Isles, inlcuding our top ten treasures.

  • Egypt

    Unearth highlights of the Museum's collection, from monumental sculpture to objects that illustrate everyday life, culture and faith in ancient Egypt.

  • Europe

    From the Vikings to the Renaissance masters and more.

  • Greece

    Warfare in ancient Greece, as shown in the sculptures, objects and art in the Museum collection.

  • Japan

    Explore the different aspects of Japanese history, art and culture from ancient swords to contemporary souvenirs.

  • Middle East

    From pre-Islamic times to the present, the history of the Middle East is brought to life through art and everyday objects.

  • Museum and exhibition

    Experience the breadth and variety of the Museum's collection, which represents the world's cultures and their histories.

  • Pacific

    Take in the rich cultural traditions of the peoples of the Pacific region through the clothing, objects and art of both ritual and everyday life.

  • Rome

    Learn about the cultural, sporting and political heritage of the Roman Empire through the sculptures and objects in the Museum's collection.


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