A painted wooden Egyptian mummy mask.

A British Museum Partnership

Ancient Egyptians:
secrets of the afterlife

Exhibition / 7 October 2022 – 26 February 2023


Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough
7 October 2022 – 26 February 2023

Explore how the ancient Egyptians prepared for the afterlife in this new exhibition created in partnership with the Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough.

Perfect for the whole family, this exhibition offers a fascinating insight into how the ancient Egyptians prepared for the afterlife. Shaped by contributions from local Middlesbrough school children learning about ancient Egypt, the British Museum is lending 12 striking objects to be displayed alongside the Dorman Museum collection. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that people's lives had two parts. The first was on Earth and the second was in the afterlife, which they called the Field of Reeds. Exploring themes of living forever and the importance of family in both this life and the next, Ancient Egypt: secrets of the afterlife will take visitors on a captivating journey. It covers everything from the process of mummification and ancient canopic jars used to store the different organs of the body, to mummy masks created only for the wealthiest, which helped a person's soul find their way back to their body in the afterlife.