Marble statue of Aphrodite at her bath, with one arm across her torso.

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26 Jul 2021


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Join Professor Bettany Hughes for an exclusive Members' lecture on the Roman goddess Venus and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. 

Charting Venus's origins in powerful ancient deities, Hughes demonstrates that Venus is far more complex than first meets the eye.

Beginning in Cyprus, the goddess's mythical birthplace, she decodes Venus's relationship to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. In turn, Hughes explores Aphrodite's mixed-up origins both as a Cypriot spirit of fertility and procreation, but also as a descendant of the prehistoric war goddesses of the Near and Middle East: Ishtar, Inanna and Astarte. 

On this journey of discovery, Hughes reveals the truth behind Venus and how this mythological figure is so much more than nudity, romance and sex. This is both the remarkable story of one of antiquity's most potent forces and the story of human desire  exploring how it transforms who we are and how we behave.

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About the speaker

Professor Bettany Hughes is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster who has devoted the last 25 years to the vibrant communication of the past. Her speciality is ancient and medieval history and culture. A Scholar at Oxford University, she has taught at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and lectured at Cornell, Bristol, UCL, Maastricht, Utrecht and Manchester. She has written and presented over 50 TV and radio documentaries and her programmes have now been seen by over 250 million worldwide.