Painting of a bird-headed figure sitting on a seat with next to many columns of hieroglyphs.

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27 Oct 2022 - 13 Jan 2023

Please note this event only runs on specific days.

Room 30

The Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery


  • £35 (Members)


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Join us for a private curator-led tour of Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt

For centuries, life in ancient Egypt was a mystery. We could only glimpse into this hidden world, until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone provided the key to decoding hieroglyphs, allowing us to read this ancient script. The breakthrough expanded our understanding of human history by some 3,000 years.

Marking 200 years since the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs, this major exhibition takes you through the trials and hard work that preceded, and the revelations that followed this ground-breaking moment.

Booking information

  • This tour runs from 09.00–10.00 on the following days: 
    • Thursday 27 October – sold out
    • Tuesday 8 November – sold out
    • Friday 2 December – book now
    • Wednesday 7 December – sold out
    • Friday 13 January – book now
  • Please note that a limited number of tickets will be available for this tour, to ensure Members have the best experience when visiting.
  • To book by phone, call +44 (0)20 7323 8195.
  • Please meet 10 minutes before the start time at the Great Russell Street Main entrance in front of the Museum. View the Museum map for more information.
  • This tour includes a complimentary hot drink in the Members' Room following the event.
  • Face coverings are recommended for the protection of yourself and others, unless you're exempt.