The Tantric Ten

Myths retold

The Crick Crack Club presents The Tantric Ten

Performance / 29 Mar 2020

Event information

29 Mar 2020

BP Lecture Theatre

British Museum, Great Russell Street,

London, WC1B 3DG


  • £10
  • £8 (Members)
  • £8 (Concessions)


Myths retold is a series of performances of some of the greatest stories in the world, presented in collaboration with the Crick Crack Club.

Enter a flickering cave of wonder for a wild exploration of epic and myth. How can meditating on a goddess who has cut off, and is now holding, her own head, which is feeding on a stream of her own blood, whilst standing on the bodies of a young couple as they make love on a funeral pyre, lead us to the path of ultimate wisdom?

Mashing up performance, lecture and storytelling, Dr Seema Anand, journeys through cremation grounds, yogic practices and death rituals, to decode the mysteries of the most fierce & feared of Hindu goddesses, the Mahavidyas. Expect life, death, creation, destruction and sacrifice, all in search of cosmic truth. Includes an interval.