A photographic collage depicting a young boy playing hide and seek in a contemporary Coptic cemetery superimposed with ancient Egyptian funerary structures and ornaments.

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2 Feb 2023


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How do modern Egyptians define their own identity and how is the past reflected in today's culture in Egypt?

Presenter Mary-Ann Ochota chairs an in-conversation event with three fantastic speakers – founder of Cairo-based research and publishing platform Rawi Yasmine El Dorghamy, Egyptologist and heritage outreach expert Fatma Keshk, and Egyptian artist Sara Sallam.

The speakers will consider Egyptian cultural heritage, its breadth and the place it has in people's lives in Egypt. The panel may also touch on how practices in museums and archaeology can be de-colonised and the importance of including local communities in research around their heritage.

This event complements Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt (open until 19 February).

Keshk was recently involved in a research project with the British Museum based in the Asyut Region of Egypt. Find out more about the Regional Identities in Middle Egypt Project.

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About the speakers

Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann Ochota specialises in archaeology and anthropology. She writes books, makes podcasts and has presented TV documentaries for the BBC, Nat Geo, History Channel and Smithsonian. She's explored the rich history and contemporary cultures of yak herders in Tibet, coracle makers in Wales, child boxers in Thailand and the communities living along the remains of Europe's Iron Curtain. Ochota's books on British archaeology include Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape and Secret Britain: Unearthing Britain's Mysterious Past.

Yasmine El Dorghamy

Yasmine El Dorghamy is founder of Rawi Publishing for Egyptian History, Heritage & Art, a bilingual research and publishing platform based in Cairo. Established in 2010, Rawi provides rich, inspiring – but also accessible – digital and print content in both English and Arabic on selected topics from Egyptian history. Previous editions have included reference-quality volumes on subjects ranging from costume and food to jewellery, cinema, and modern art. El Dorghamy is also an adjunct professor of visual culture at the American University in Cairo.

Fatma Keshk

Fatma Keshk is an Egyptologist, heritage outreach expert and storyteller. Keshk's research concentrates on contemporary Egyptians' perceptions of history and reconstructing the unknown history of Egyptian Egyptology. Working with local communities has allowed her to explore the overwhelming richness of Egyptian heritage, its perception and how it can be regenerated through and for its people. Her award-winning first published story A Tale of Shutb documenting the heritage of Shutb village was produced within the framework of the Museum's Regional Identities in Middle Egypt Project.

Sara Sallam

Sara Sallam is an Egyptian artist based in The Netherlands. Her research-based practice includes photography, film, writing, voice narration, archival interventions and self-publishing handmade books. Through her work, she reflects on growing up in Egypt, criticising the colonial attitudes embedded in tourism, archaeology and museum practices. Recently, she was an artist in residence at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. Sallam has exhibited internationally, and her work features in private collections. She also teaches at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

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