Tour group in Greece: Parthenon gallery (Room 18)

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Experience the UK's most popular Museum with a private out-of-hours tour.

Whether your clients wish to navigate the history of China, or walk in the footsteps of pharaohs, one of the largest collections dedicated to history, art and culture in existence will be all theirs for the duration of the tour.

With so much to discover, your clients are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, with memories to last a lifetime.

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Private access for your group only. Tours currently available:

The beginnings of the British Museum
On this tour, your group will learn how the world was understood by Europeans in the 18th century – tracing the Museum's founding collection and its extraordinary journey to the present.

Ancient Egyptian sculpture
Encounter impressive statues of kings and gods, monumental tomb architecture and ancient tomb reliefs spanning 3,000 years – including the colossal bust of Ramesses II, the Gayer-Anderson Cat and the world-famous Rosetta Stone.

Ancient Egyptian afterlife
From mummification and preparations for the afterlife to magic and immortalising animals, your group will navigate the fascinating history and significance of death and the afterlife in ancient Egypt, from about 2600 BC to AD 200.

China and South Asia
In this beautiful gallery, your group will gain an insight into the development of these civilisations, from 5000 BC to the present day. Explore the history of China and South Asia through a range of magnificent objects – from Ming Dynasty porcelain to South Asian sculpture.

From samurai armour to contemporary manga, explore the expansive history and culture of Japan in these beautiful galleries, which showcase one of the most comprehensive collections of Japanese art and artefacts outside of Japan.

The ancient Greeks
Embark on a journey through ancient Greek legends, following the famous heroes Achilles and Herakles, and explore the spectacular remains of two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Ancient Rome
On this tour your group will uncover the history of ancient Rome and how their cultural life was influenced by the ancient Greeks. On your journey you'll encounter the famous emperors Augustus and Hadrian, alongside everyday objects spanning the vast geographical range of the Roman Empire 

Please note, as a working museum, tours are occasionally subject to variation or cancellation. Some rooms or objects may not be available on all tours. 

Further information on the tours above can be found in the Travel Trade Private Tours brochure 2020:

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View the brochure in Chinese

Guiding options

Travel trade companies can bring their own guide for any of our out-of-hours tours. Alternatively, during the booking process we can advise you on booking an accredited guide for your clients, who regularly deliver tours of the Museum's collection.

If your clients would like to experience the galleries out of hours without a tour guide, then you're welcome to book the space for private access.


Make your clients' experience even more memorable with breakfast under the Museum's iconic glass roof.

Choose from an English breakfast or a selection of pastries, or speak to us about how we can tailor a menu suited to your clients' needs.

Should your clients wish to extend their visit, lunch options are available from 11am.

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Prices vary for booking the Egyptian sculpture gallery, please phone us for a quote. For all other spaces we charge a minimum of £360 for up to 12 people. Additional guests will be charged £30 each.

Our team will be of assistance throughout your booking, from initial enquiries to the tour itself.

We recommend that bookings are made at the earliest opportunity. All tours are subject to availability.

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