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The galleries are listed below with information about which ones are open. Plan your visit to the Museum and find out what's on offer.

Alternatively, many of our galleries can be explored via Google Street View. Take a tour of Medieval Europe and Egyptian death and afterlife: mummies to begin your online visit to the Museum.

You'll also find two entirely virtual galleries for Oceania and Prints and Drawings.

Lower floor

Wooden figure, focus on face with closed eyes and mouth.

Africa – OPEN

Room 25 (The Sainsbury Galleries)

Ground floor

image of marble statue of a discus thrower

Enlightenment – OPEN

Room 1

Yellow vase with narrow neck, decoration in blue.

Collecting the world – OPEN

Room 2

Holy Thorn reliquary gold and jewels

The Waddesdon Bequest 

Room 2a (funded by The Rothschild Foundation)

Large grey slab of stone, the Rosetta Stone

Egyptian sculpture – OPEN

Room 4

Statue of a winged lion from the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

Assyrian sculpture and Balawat Gates – OPEN

Room 6

Stone panel from the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, Assyria, 883-859 BC.

Assyria: Nimrud – OPEN

Rooms 7–8

Frieze with drawings on it

Assyria: Nineveh

Room 9

Large relief with men pulling a horse

Assyria: Lion hunts, Siege of Lachish and Khorsabad

Room 10

Gold goblet

Greece: Minoans and Mycenaeans – OPEN

Room 12 (The Arthur I Fleischman Gallery)

Greek wine jar depicting Achilles defeating Penthesilea, the Amazon Queen.

Greece 1050–520 BC – OPEN

Room 13

Greek vase depicting black-figured neck-amphora, signed by the potter Andokides.

Greek vases – OPEN

Room 14

Large Greek relief panel featuring a female-headed bird

Athens and Lycia – OPEN

Room 15

The Bassai Sculptures, the Phigaleian Frieze, Classical Greek

Greece: Bassai sculptures – OPEN

Room 16

Visitors in Room 17 by the Nereid Monument

Nereid Monument – OPEN

Room 17

Marble sculpture of horses head from parthenon

Greece: Parthenon – OPEN

Room 18

Marble block from the west frieze of the Temple of Athena Nike

Greece: Athens

Room 19

Marble head of a youthful god: the 'Aberdeen Head', Classical Greek, 325-280 BC

Greeks and Lycians 400–325 BC

Room 20

Horse head made from marble

Mausoleum of Halikarnassos

Room 21

Marble statue of Demeter seated on a throne, Greek, carved around 350 BC.

The world of Alexander

Room 22

Marble relief featuring a boy and horse.

Greek and Roman sculpture – OPEN

Room 23

Large human figure made of stone.

Living and Dying – OPEN

Room 24 (The Wellcome Trust Gallery)

 Snow sled brown in colour.

North America – OPEN

Room 26

Image of a turquoise mosaic covered serpent with two heads

Mexico – OPEN

Room 27

4 humans 1 horse 1 camel all figures are shades of white, brown and green.

China and South Asia

Room 33 (The Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery)

Dome-slab carved in limestone with the Great Departure, Prince Siddhartha's horse Kanthaka with empty saddle leaving the palace via an elaborate torana (gate)

India: Amaravati

Room 33a (The Asahi Shimbun Gallery)

A jade brush pot decorated with nature motifs

Chinese jade

Room 33b (The Selwyn and Ellie Alleyne Gallery)

White porcelain 'moon jar', Choson dynasty, Korea, 17-18th Century AD.


Room 67 (The Korea Foundation Gallery)

Two identical porcelain vases with blue details including dragon.

Chinese Ceramics – Sir Percival David Collection

Room 95 (The Sir Joseph Hotung Centre for Ceramic Studies)

Colossal marble statue of a lion in the Great Court.

Great Court – OPEN

Great Court

Frieze with figure of a man and a lion

East stairs

East stairs

Upper floors

Cassiobury Park turret clock

Clocks and watches

Rooms 38–39 (The Sir Harry and Lady Djanogly Gallery)

Seven white chess pieces

Medieval Europe 1050–1500

Room 40 (The Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery)

Sutton hoo helmet

Sutton Hoo and Europe, AD 300 – 1100

Room 41 (The Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery)

Jade terrapin on blue background

The Islamic world

Rooms 42–43 (The Albukhary Foundation Gallery)

Large blue and yellow decorated vase.

Europe 1400–1800

Room 46

Vase made of pale blue jasper ware with applied white reliefs

Europe 1800–1900

Room 47

Yellow and black squared mantelpiece clock

Europe 1900 to the present

Room 48

The Great dish from the Mildenhall Treasure, a large concave silver platter with beaded rim (135 beads in total) on a circular vertical foot-ring positioned exactly one-third in from the rim.

Roman Britain

Room 49 (The Weston Gallery)

a Golden round torc with circle gold balls at each end

Britain and Europe 800 BC–AD 43

Room 50

A gold cape to be placed through head and sit on shoulders.

Europe and Middle East 10,000–800 BC

Room 51 (The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Gallery)

Gold armlet with two dragon looking figures attached.

Ancient Iran

Room 52 (The Rahim Irvani Gallery)

Ancient Arabian calcite incense burner showing a camel rider

Ancient South Arabia – OPEN

Room 53 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Ivory figure of a griffin-headed demon, Anatolia

Anatolia and Urartu, 7000–300 BC – OPEN

Room 54 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Map of the World, Mesopotamia, 700-500 BC.

Mesopotamia, 1500–539 BC – OPEN

Room 55 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Mesopotamian sculpture of queen of the night woman with wings

Mesopotamia, 6000–1500 BC – OPEN

Room 56 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Small white statue of male figure sitting down

Ancient Levant

Rooms 57–59 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

scene of man hunting egyptian painting

Egyptian life and death: the tomb-chapel of Nebamun – OPEN

Room 61 (The Michael Cohen Gallery)

A gold decorated coffin in the shape of a human.

Egyptian death and afterlife: mummies – OPEN

Rooms 62–63 (The Roxie Walker Galleries)

Granite statue of Ankhwa, one hand on leg the other holding a tool.

Early Egypt – OPEN

Room 64 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Lying down sphinx, human head light brown.

Sudan, Egypt and Nubia – OPEN

Room 65 (The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Gallery)

Oil painting on cotton cloth, depicting the a battle scene.

Ethiopia and Coptic Egypt

Room 66

A penny with the words "votes for women" defaced across the Kings head.


Room 68

Bronze gladiator's helmet

Greek and Roman life

Room 69

portland vase white relief figures on a black background

Roman Empire 

Room 70 (The Wolfson Gallery)

Painted sarcophagus of Seianti Hanunia Tlesnasa, Etruscan, 150-140 BC.

Etruscan world

Room 71

Red Polished Ware figurine cradling a child, Cypriot, 1975-1850 BC

Ancient Cyprus

Room 72 (The A.G. Leventis Gallery)

Gold libation bowl (phiale) with six bulls around 600 BC, Western Greek.

Greeks in Italy

Room 73

Two women teaching a child to walk; one bending over and pointing.

Prints and drawings displays

Rooms 90 and 90a

Two red, white, blue and gold decorated mantelpiece elephants figures.


Rooms 92–94 (The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries)

Virtual galleries

Red mask made from fibre glass, polyester resin, ply and balsar wood and bamboo,


Virtual gallery

Drawing of boats sailing on rough seas

Prints and drawings

Virtual gallery