Visitors in Rom 70 photographing the Portland Vase

Room 70

Roman Empire

The Wolfson Gallery

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The objects in Room 70 illustrate the rise of Rome from a small town to an imperial capital that controlled the Mediterranean basin and north-western Europe and the Near East, extending from Scotland to Syria.

The exhibition covers a period of about 1,000 years from Rome's legendary foundation in 753 BC to AD 324, when the emperor Constantine founded his new, Christian capital at Constantinople (Istanbul).

Objects on display come from all over the empire, reflecting both its vast scale and its diverse geographical, cultural and ethnic nature. They range from stone and metal sculptures of emperors and gods to jewellery, silverware, pottery and glass, including the famous cameo glass Portland Vase.


  • Some objects in this collection feature on the British Sign Language guide handset, available from the Audio guide Desk in the Great Court.
  • Some objects in this collection feature on the audio description guide, available from Audio guide Desk in the Great Court.
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