Three cream-colour figures, two women and a man in centre

Desire, love and identity

Explore the theme of desire, love and identity.

The Museum's collection offers many perspectives on desire, love and identity, from ancient history to the present day. As time has progressed ideals have varied widely from culture to culture, a reminder that diversity is integral to the human condition.

Same-sex love, desire and gender diversity have always existed, and this is reflected in objects which offer glimpses into LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) lives and experiences from around the world.

Most museum collections don't represent all identities, perspectives and experiences equally. This is partly due to what survives, but it also reflects what was collected in the past, how it was researched and how information was catalogued.

Explore the stories, blog posts and videos below, inspired by love, desire and identity.