Death of King Lycurgus on drinking cup.

Request new photography


Our professional photographic studio is constantly shooting new images, and clients can commission new photography of almost any object in the Museum.

Simply let us know which of our objects you would like photographed, specifying background, lighting or mood, angle or details.

Tailored photography with very specific requirements will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, and we may charge an extra fee when photography of delicate, heavy or hard-to-access objects is requested. Clients will always be notified of such costs before work commences.

Request new photography

Standard new photography costs £60-£85 (+VAT if applicable) per image. Please note that these fees cover the cost of new photography only and do not include any reproduction rights.

New photography of one side of a coin costs £50 (+VAT if applicable) per coin, or £60 (+VAT if applicable) per coin for images of both obverse and reverse sides (two separate images).

Standard new photography is supplied within approximately 30 days upon receipt of payment. We also offer a new photography fast-track service (7-day turnaround, subject to confirmation by the photographer) at extra cost.

How to request a new image

If you would like to order new photography, please complete the form below or contact us via [email protected], giving as much information as possible.

For more information about our image service, please head over to the main BM Images website.

Request new photography

Please provide details of any additional objects you wish to be photographed (please include the object type and museum number)
Front and/or back and/or left side and/or right side and/or from above for 3-dimensional objects - obverse and/or reverse for medals and coins – recto and/or verso for prints.
Please let us know if there are any other requirements and we will endeavour to carry these out. If there are any problems with this we will contact you via email.
Please inform us of any uses which this photo will be used for as there are potential licence costs