Alfred Percival Maudslay sitting on a mule in a jungle clearing.

Alfred Maudslay's legacy

East stairs

See two of Alfred Maudslay's casts from Palenque, Mexico on the East stairs (first floor).

In this video, Head of the Americas section, Jago Cooper, shares the story of this innovative Victorian archaeologist and his impact on today's understanding of the Maya world.

Alfred Maudslay (1850–1931) quit his position as a colonial official at the age of just 22 to embark on an extraordinary undertaking that he'd pursue for the rest of his life.

He explored the jungles of what is now Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, using cutting edge technology to capture the Ancient Maya world in a way that had never been done before. Watch the video to discover more about this fascinating pioneer.

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Curator's Corner: Alfred Maudslay's legacy.

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