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A white marble portrait of a woman with centre parting and braided wig.
Exhibitions and events / 6 March 2024

Women to the front

Men may have done the fighting, but Legion shows that a picture of Roman military life without women is just wrong, says Mary Beard.
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A stone relief of a man with a cloak riding a horse which tramples a person beneath it, and another soldier holding a sword.
Exhibitions and events / 1 February 2024

What a relief! Revealing Roman craftsmanship

Conservator Kathryn Oliver reveals how lasers can put us in touch with Roman makers' marks – uncovering detail of a turning point in battle.
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A figurine of a grey-scale puzzled-looking king against a blue crossword puzzle.
Blog / 15 December 2023

You've got it! Cracking puzzles for all

Sharpen your code-cracking skills with these puzzles from The British Museum Puzzle Book and discover new perspectives on the collection.
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