Contemporary Prints from Indigenous Australia

A British Museum Spotlight Tour, Bede’s World, Jarrow
16 June – 6 September 2015

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As part of a season of activity around the British Museum’s Indigenous Australia exhibition, Bede’s World will display a Spotlight exhibition of four contemporary prints from Indigenous Australian artists.

In capturing the array of individual experience, the dramatic and large-scale prints on show at the exhibition depict aspects of the history and environment of the area from which each artist comes. Much of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art has many layers of meaning. Some layers are known only to those who made the work and depictions of places, people, animals and plants are often closely linked to detailed ancestral stories.

At the time of British colonisation in 1788, there were hundreds of different Indigenous language groups across Australia. The experiences of groups with colonisation differed: some having contact in 1788; others not until the 1960s when some were removed from desert regions to make way for testing of atomic weapons by the British and Australian governments.

The prints include works from artists who came from both urban Australia and remote Australia. While their depictions of beliefs and ‘country’ differ, they are united in the strength and connection to country today.

Contemporary Prints from Indigenous Australia