Food for Thought

Corinium Museum, Cirencester
24 April – 5 July 2015

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Food for Thought is a partnership exhibition between Corinium Museum and the British Museum. It offers a new look at food in Roman Britain that brings together unique objects from The British Museum, Cirencester, Silchester and across the Roman Empire including Pompeii, Rome, Athens and Tunisia.

Drawing on recent research, this exhibition will expose all there is to know about Roman food. It will look at various questions including how we know about Roman food, whether there were regional patterns in eating and drinking in the Roman world, how eating and drinking were used to create individual and group identities and how this might relate to the ways we use food and drink in the modern world.

From the British Museum’s collections, there is pottery from North Africa and a wide range of glass vessels from Pompeii, Rome, Athens, Egypt, and Ukraine, as well as a date-shaped perfume bottle from Corfu, showing that not all food in the Roman world was for eating. Some of the highlights in the exhibition will be a terracotta bust of Bacchus from Rome and a mule couch ornament from Gaul.

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