Celebrating Africa:
a million years of
African Art


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This touring exhibition presents great works from the past juxtaposed with modern classics by Africa’s foremost contemporary artists, giving a fascinating and thought-provoking insight into the connections between different practices and perspectives over time and place.

Celebrating Africa draws upon the incomparable collections of the British Museum to give visitors a vision of the continuity of African artistic traditions, from the distant past to the present day.

The exhibition is divided into seven separate yet inter-connected sections looking at contemporary art, figure sculpture, textiles, seats and headrests, containers, masquerade and music, and royal art of brass (including fine works from Benin), gold and ivory. Celebrating Africa will explore key themes such as status and leadership, harnessing supernatural power, communicating spiritual and coded messages as well as arts of transformation and rites of passage.

This international touring exhibition highlights the wonderful diversity of art forms and materials used, from the million year old stone hand axes of Olduvai Gorge to work by the Ghanaian contemporary artist El Anatsui. Key objects from the British Museum collection will be included within this touring exhibition, many of which have rarely been exhibited previously.