International touring exhibitions
A museum of the world for the world

The British Museum aims to share its rich and diverse collection of over eight million objects from across the globe with a worldwide audience, and has developed an extensive programme of touring exhibitions and object loans for this purpose.

Each year, large numbers of objects from the collection travel to museums and galleries outside the UK for temporary exhibition so that visitors can experience a British Museum exhibition at an international partner venue.

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Pocket terrestrial globe, British Museum 1926,1016.5

Pharaoh: King of Egypt

Pharaoh: King of Egypt

Explore the myths and realities of Egypt’s ancient rulers.

The Wingham Disc Brooch

Medieval Europe AD 400–1500

Walk through 1,000 years of history and learn about wars, faith and culture through objects of great beauty and importance, from stained glass windows to jewellery.

Drawing of the Virgin and Child by Raphael

The human image: Masterpieces of figurative art from the British Museum

A compelling new look at the human figure, one of the central themes of visual art throughout history, through masterpieces from the British Museum.

Lapis head of a man from Serapis

Rome: City and Empire

More than 200 of the British Museum’s most engaging and beautiful Roman objects tell the story of how Rome grew from a series of small villages to become a mighty empire.

Diadoumenos sculpture of an athlete

Ancient Greeks: athletes, warriors 
and heroes

This exhibition of beautiful sculpture, jewellery, armour, vases and ancient sporting paraphernalia employs objects to investigate the theme of competition in Ancient Greece.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

A History of the World in 100 Objects

Travel back in time and across the globe to see how humans have shaped, and been shaped by, the world over the past two million years.

Chairman Mao’s Golden Soldier – Lei Feng

The art of influence: 
Asian propaganda

A visually striking exploration of the political art of Asia, showcasing powerful images designed to move hearts and minds.

Kitaj - Yaller Bird

Kitaj prints

A sumptuous selection of highlights from the British Museum's collection of almost 300 works of paper by the renowned American-born artist R.B. Kitaj (1933–2007), donated by the artist himself.

Picasso, Blind Minotaur Led by a Little Girl in the Night

Picasso prints: The Vollard Suite

Generally considered to be the most important cycle of Picasso’s etchings, this famous set of prints was produced at a critical juncture in the artist’s career. Etchings by Rembrandt and Goya’s bull-fighting prints are also included.

Lewis king chess piece

Treasures of the World’s Cultures

Explore 2 million years of history with a stunning selection of the British Museum’s finest objects.


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