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A grant of £10m from the Heritage Lottery Fund has provided resources to enable the Museum to expand its innovative outreach and public engagement.

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Local community

School children visit the site of the World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre development

The Museum is committed to keeping members of the local community involved and informed about the new Centre.

Local neighbours

Site visits

A programme of site visits has been developed for local residents, businesses, schools, universities, societies and other organisations.
If you are interested in learning more about the project, please do not hesitate to contact the project team.


Quarterly newsletters are available for members of the local community. Copies are distributed to our immediate neighbours and are displayed in information cases on the site hoarding, as well as being available for download here.

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General enquiries

To find out more about the Centre telephone
+ 44 (0)20 7323 8858 or email

Outreach projects

Camden School for Girls

In October 2012 the project team embarked upon an outreach programme working with year 12 and 13 art and design students from Camden School for Girls.

The programme will give the students the opportunity to work with project artist-in-residence Liam O’Connor, broadening their experiences of engaging with a working artist, as well as exposing them to Liam’s innovative methods of documenting and recording, in this case using a building project as a case study.

Each month the students will return to a single spot on site where they can experiment with Liam’s technique of overlaying drawings to document the changing site.

By the end of the programme the students will have a complete sketchbook that could be used within their portfolios or inspire a new work. The students’ work will be displayed in the Museums Clore Centre Foyer from June 2013.


Regent High School

During the academic year 2011-2012 the project team worked with a year 12 class of BTEC art students’ from Regent High School (formally South Camden Community School).

The students’ worked with WCEC artist-in-residence Liam O’Connor to explore different ways of responding to urban life and change. Through a combination of class room sessions at school, visits to the WCEC site and work in the Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre, students explored with Liam the methods and techniques he uses to record change and transformation of space and objects - such as photograms, rubbings, etchings, photography and digital techniques, as well as the more familiar mediums of drawing and painting.