Africa Programme

Sustainable and
dynamic initiatives 
for exchange and 
skills sharing

Supported by:

Ford Foundation

Getty Foundation

With further support from:

  • Niall and Ingrid FitzGerald

Since 2005, the Africa Programme has been working closely with national and independent museums across the continent to develop training initiatives, as well as sharing skills and expertise for mutual benefit and in direct response to local needs and priorities.

Long-term programmes in East Africa were funded by the UK government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport from 2005 to 2010.

The Africa Programme relies heavily on the generosity of external supporters. Programme work in West Africa has been supported by the Ford Foundation since 2007 and by the Getty Foundation for work in East Africa since 2009. The Programme has also extended its capacity to deliver activities by developing broader international links with other UK and European museums.

Map of Africa

Map of Africa showing countries in which the Africa Programme is currently working

West Africa

West Africa

Working with museum partners in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Ghana   Nigeria   Sierra Leone 

East Africa

East Africa

Supporting long-term partnerships in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Getty East Africa   Kenya 




London and the UK

London and the UK

Hosting placements for African colleagues at the British Museum and UK partner museums.

Africa Programme in London and the UK