★★★★★ The Times

‘This is the absolutely-must-see exhibition of the year. Just make sure you don’t miss it.’

‘It is not just a sculptural tradition that is being modelled in this exhibition: it’s the mind, body and spirit as we know them. And here is a show to set them all ablaze.’

‘Book now, because I am not sure that you will ever look upon the like of this again.’

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★★★★ Evening Standard

‘remarkable… momentous’

‘I doubt another exhibition this year will open as stupendously as Defining beauty

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‘epic and captivating… magnificent’

‘the best surviving Greek images of the human body or anything else are right here in London’

The Guardian

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‘[a] landmark exhibition… amazing artworks’

‘astonishing treasures’

Timeout London

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‘ravishing… sublime… extraordinary’

‘remarkable… truly exceptional’

‘beautiful… dazzling’

The Independent

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‘blockbuster exhibition of Greek sculpture’

The Telegraph

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‘These remarkable works of art are a wonderful introduction for the newcomer to the classical world and also demonstrate why they inspired artists from Michelangelo to the modern day.’


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‘Bodies like ours, but with completely different minds’

The Art Newspaper



‘[It] does indeed take your breath away. The exquisite sculptures that greet you in the first and last rooms would alone be worth the price of admission several times over.’

Intelligent Life

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‘a gorgeous as well as brilliantly illuminating exhibition’

The Arts Desk

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‘powerful… fabulous’

‘jaw-dropping moments’

The Spectator

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‘the British Museum's big spring blockbuster’

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‘[an] unmissable show’

The Daily Mail

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