Fascination with Nature:
Birds, flowers and insects in Chinese art

10 January – 5 August 2008

Exhibition closed

Room 91

The works in this display show the importance of bird, flower and insect motifs in Chinese art. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to view Chinese depictions of nature – the paintings are extremely fragile and can only be displayed for short periods of time.

Books related to the exhibition

  • First Masterpiece of Chinese Painting, by Shane McCausland
  • Chinese Art, by Jessica Rawson
  • Chinese Art in Detail, by Carol Michaelson and Jane Portal
  • Flowers, by Marjorie Caygill
  • Birds, by Mavis Pilbeam
Detail from a handscroll entitled Fascination of Nature

Detail from a handscroll entitled Fascination of Nature. Painted by Xie Chufang, ink and colour on silk. From China, AD 1321.