Conservation in focus

11 September – 26 October 2008

Exhibition closed

Room 3

The Asahi Shimbun Displays
Objects in focus

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This display focuses on conservation of objects and showcases this often unseen aspect of the Museum's work.

Watch and meet a team of Museum conservators as they work on objects from the collection and demonstrate the procedures, techniques and tools they use. Find out how conservators uncover stories, prepare objects for display and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

Different parts of the collection feature every two weeks:

  • 11 September – 25 September: Greek and Roman sculpture
  • 26 September – 12 October: Pacific Barkcloth 
  • 13 October – 26 October: An Iron Age cauldron and a Medieval tile panel

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Some articles about conservation of the collection

Gan Ku Tiger
20 Dragon tiles
Cruxifixion of Jesus Christ
Marble statue of Hadrian
Lindow Man
Lewis Chessmen
Nebamun's geese
Cuneiform tablet with the Atrahasis Epic
Portland Vase
An early 18th century print
A papyrus from the Book of the Dead of Muthepti
An Iron Age cauldron

Books related to the exhibition

  • The interface between Science and Conservation, edited by Susan Bradley
  • Cleaning and Controversy, by Ian Jenkins
  • The selection of materials for storage and display, by D.Thickett and L.R. Lee
  • Collections of the British Museum, by David Wilson 
Conservationist in action

Conservationist in action