T. Sam N. Moorhead

Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman coins
Overseeing the recording and researching of Iron Age and Roman coins on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database: www.finds.org.uk

Department: Portable Antiquities and Treasure 


+44 (0)20 7323 8432

Sam Moorhead taught Classics and Archaeology for many years before joining the Museum in 1997 as Staff Lecturer for Archaeology. He was on the team that made the award-winning Virtually the Ice Age website for Creswell Crags, and he produced a CD-Rom with Channel 4, Roman Journeys. Having worked in interpretation for galleries and exhibitions, such as Persia and Michelangelo, for three years, he joined the Department of Britain, Europe and Prehistoryin July 2006.

He has written about ancient and early mediaeval coins since publishing the Ackland Art Museum collection at the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1984). Since the early 1980s, he has published Roman coin finds from Wiltshire. This was to be the basis for his M.Phil thesis for the Insititute of Archaeology, University College London, in 2001. He worked on the excavations at Tel Jezreel (1992-6) where, in addition to working on the coins and the Roman to Umayyad periods, he assisted in the ceramic research which initiated the major reappraisal of Iron Age chronology in the Levant. He also worked with the University of East Anglia at San Vincenzo in the Molise and has published the coins from the villa site (1997).

Presently, he works as a numismatist on the UEA/Butrint Foundation excavations at Butrint in Albania where he is responsible for the ancient coins. Thousands of coins have been found on different parts of the site and he is currrently working on the nummus economy of the fourth to seventh centuries AD.

For the Portable Antiquities Scheme, his main responsibilities are to ensure the quality of the records entered and to initiate and carry out research on the data. Initial analysis has shown that the database of 45,000 Roman coins contains highly important assemblages which are both reliable and valid for research purposes.

He serves on several archaeological and numismatic committees, including the Royal Numismatic Society, and also is Senior Keeper at the Palestine Exploration Fund for whom he has recently republished The Wilderness of Zin by Leonard Woolley and T. E. Lawrence.

Current projects

Research programmes for Iron Age and Roman coin finds recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database www.finds.org.uk

Future PAS Touring Exhibition planning

Site numismatist at Butrint, Albania
Butrint Foundation / University of East Anglia

Coordinator for the Young Graduates for Museums and Galleries programme

Previous projects

Co-curator of The Past from Above exhibition (Nov 2006 – Feb 2007)

Interpretation for exhibitions, including:

Buried Treasure: Finding our Past (2003)

Three Great Gifts (2003)

Mummy: the Inside Story (2004-5)

Sudan: Ancient Treasures (2004-5)

Troyand Olympics (2004)

Alexander Walker (2004)

Africa2005 displays, including Made in Africa

Columbus: Collector (2005)

David Milne (2005)

National Heritage Memorial Fund 25th Anniversary (2005)

Forgotten Empire: the World of Ancient Persia(2005-6)

Samuel Palmer (2005-6)

Michelangelo: closer to the master (2006)

Power and Taboo (2006-7)

Education and academic support for exhibitions and galleries, including:

Christianity in Roman Britain (2000)

Gladiators and Caesars (2000)

Agatha Christie and Archaeology (2001)

Prehistory, Objects of Power (2002)

Early Mediaeval Gallery (2002-3)

Organizer for Conferences at the British Museum:

Herods and Nabataeans (2001)

Rencontre Assyriologique (2003)

Other projects:

Academic researcher and project coordinator for CD-Rom, Journeys in the Roman Empire (with Verulamium Museum and Channel 4)

Team member for award-winning Creswell Crags Virtually the Ice Age website and Virtually the Ice Age CD-Rom

National Archaeology Days (1998-2002)

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Editorial Board Member, Art History (Journal)

Fellow of Goodenough College, Mecklenberg Square, London

Trustee for the Association for Roman Archaeology

Senior Keeper at The Palestine Exploration Fund

Council for the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

Council for Archaeology Abroad

Council for the Royal Numismatic Society

Examiner for A Level Archaeology, AQA

Editorial Committee for Heritage 365

Recent publications

T. S. N. Moorhead, ‘Coins from the excavations at Butrint, Diaporit and the Vrina Plain’ with S. Gjongcecaj and R. Abdy, in I. L. Hanson and R. Hodges (eds.), The Roman Colony at Butrint: an Assessment (Oxbow for the Butrint Foundation, 2007), pp. 78-94

T. S. N. Moorhead, 'The Genesis, Pursuit and Publication of the Wilderness of Zin Survey', a new introduction to C. L. Woolley and T. E. Lawrence, The Wilderness of Zin (Palestine Exploration Fund and Stacey International, 2003), pp. xv-xlvii
(Also general editor for this new edition and additional archival material)

T. S. N. Moorhead, 'Roman coin finds from Wiltshire', in P. Ellis (ed.) Roman Wiltshire and after (Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Monography, Devizes, 2001), pp. 85-105

T. S. N. Moorhead,'The Late Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad Periods at Tel Jezreel', Tel Aviv, 24 (1997), pp. 129-166

T. S. N. Moorhead, CD-Rom: Journeys in the Roman Empire (The British Museum and Channel 4, 2001); academic researcher and project coordinator