Sarah Collins

Assistant Keeper, Early Mesopotamia collections

Department: Middle East


+44 (0)20 7323 8944

Sarah Collins is the curator responsible for the Early Mesopotamia collections (from prehistory to c. 1500 BC).

She is an archaeologist and has excavated extensively including in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Since 2000 she has been the British Museum archaeologist at the excavations in Saida (ancient Sidon), Lebanon.

In 2007 Sarah was awarded the OBE for services to museums.

Current projects

Curator of the international touring exhibition The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia

Sidon excavation, Lebanon

Ur concordance

Previous projects

Various British Museum excavation projects since 1986, including excavations at Deir ‘Ain Abata, Jordan (1994 – 1998)

Contributions to several British Museum exhibitions, including ‘Splendours of Mesopotamia in Abu Dhabi, 2011

Recent publications

S. Collins, The Standard of Ur (British Museum Press, 2015)

S. Collins, The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia, exhibition catalogue (Hong Kong Museum of History, 2013)

S.Collins, ‘Middle Bronze Age IIA/B and Later Periods’ in K.D. Politis Sanctuary of St.Lot at Deir ‘Ain Abata in Jordan, Excavations 1998 – 2003 (Jordan Distribution Agency, 2012) pp. 45– 85

S. Collins, The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia, (British Museum Press, London 2012)

S. Collins, ‘Sidon in the time of St. Louis: Archaeological Discoveries of the 13th Century AD’ in Archaeology and History in the Lebanon, 34-35, (2012), pp. 415–432

S. Collins, ‘Sumer’ in Splendours of Mesopotamia, N. Tallis ed. (TDIC, Abu Dhabi, 2011) pp. 25–65

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