Ross Iain Thomas

Roman Collections

Department: Greece and Rome


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Ross Thomas is a curator within the Department of Greece and Rome, responsible for Roman collections.

He is an archaeologist specialising on the Hellenistic and Roman Eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea regions, with a particular focus on maritime archaeology and port communities. He has undertaken fieldwork on land or underwater in the Britain, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and the UAE, including directing or coordinating fieldwork projects on behalf of the British Museum. Current projects include the port site of Naukratis in the Egyptian Delta, and in the ‘Pantanello’ at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli.

Ross joined the British Museum in 2011 as a project curator for the Naukratis project following the completion in 2009 of his Southampton University PhD thesis, entitled ‘Maritime cultures of the Erythraean Sea trade’. This research examined the material evidence for, and the interactions between, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Nabataean, indigenous Eastern Desert and Red Sea populations within the Red Sea ports of Aila, Berenike and Myos Hormos. He is particularly interested in the relationship between Rome and her neighbours in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Red Sea regions.

Current projects

Director of fieldwork, The British Museum Naukratis Fieldwork Project (2012–present)

Fieldwork coordinator, Pantanello unearthing the story of Hadrian's villa (2014–present)

Co-investigator, The construction and use-life of ancient war-galleys (2016–present)

Previous projects

Project Curator, The Naukratis Project (2011–2017)

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies


Honor Frost Foundation The Harbour of Naukratis Research Grant (Principle Investigator, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019–2021)

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, Council member (Trustee, 2016–present)

Honor Frost Foundation The construction and use-life of ancient war-galleys Research Grant (Co-investigator with Peter Campbell 2018)

Egypt Exploration Society Delta Survey, Management Committee member (2016–present)

Palestine Exploration Fund, Committee member (Trustee, 2013–2017)

University of Southampton, Visiting Researcher (2010–2011).





Select publications

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