J Lesley Fitton

Ancient Greece

Department: Greece and Rome


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Lesley Fitton is Keeper of the department. She previously worked in the Greek section, where her main responsibilities were the Greek Bronze Age material and the collections from ancient Cyprus. Her research interests are in the Cyclades and Minoan Crete, and in the history of archaeological research.

She has worked on permanent displays in the Museum, particularly those in Rooms 11, 12 and 72. She created a small exhibition, Troy Retold, in the Great Court in 2004, and was recently co-curator of the special exhibition The Past from Above. She now manages the work of all sections of the department.

Current projects

Cyprus digitisation project

Previous projects

Troy Retold

The Past from Above

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Recent publications

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