Monique Pullan

Conservator of Organic Artefacts

Department: Conservation and Scientific Research


+44 (0)20 7323 8252


Monique Pullan is conservator of organic artefacts, specialising in the treatment of textiles, with additional interest in basketry, barkcloth and feathers.

She works to ensure the long term preservation of museum objects, making them suitable for display, loan, and study as required. This includes carrying out practical conservation treatments, as well as assessing object condition, advising on display and storage, project management and supervision of some other members of staff and conservation interns.

Monique trained at the Textile Conservation Centre, gaining a postgraduate diploma in textile conservation in 1994.

Current projects

Conservation of an Akali Sikh turban – exploring possibilities of de-acidification, methods of consolidation and support of highly degraded black dyed cotton fabric.

Investigation into control of dye bleeding during wet cleaning of textiles.

Conservation of Asian and Japanese textiles from the study collection.

Conservation of barkcloth from study collection, including group from Pitcairn Islands.

Previous projects

Conservation of material for Power and Taboo exhibition – including Hawaiian feathered god heads, and barkcloth staff god image.

Conservation of textiles in the Stein collection (Chinese silk, painted hemp)

Conservation of Coptic textiles.

Investigation into methods of pressure mounting as means of storage and display of textiles.

Recent publications

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M. Pullan, ‘Beautiful Threads, the Conservation of Coptic Textiles’, British Museum Magazine, 51 (2005), pp. 43-44

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