Hayley Bullock


+44 (0)20 7323 8336

Hayley is a conservator of metal artefacts that include the conservation and restoration of objects for exhibition, loan, storage and publication, as well as the examination, documentation, study and survey and publication of objects from the collections. She specialises in archaeological conservation with a Particular interest in the conservation of iron.

Hayley has an archaeology degree and graduated from the University of Durham in 1997 with an MSc in Conservation of Historic Objects (Archaeology). Before joining the British Museum in 1998 she worked for English Heritage and has undertaken internships at Wiltshire County Council Conservation Service, Salisbury; Saffron Walden Museum and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Virginia, USA. Hayley has excavated and conserved objects from several archaeological sites in the UK and abroad.

Current projects

The Conservation of iron age material from Alkham, Kent

Investigative conservation of freshly excavated material from the Roman site of Ashwell

Treasure and portable antiquities scheme projects including coin projects such as Frome

Previous projects

Investigative conservation, examination, study and publication of objects from the Early Anglo-Saxon cemetery site at Tranmer House, Sutton Hoo

Conservation of grave goods from the Ringlemere Anglo-Saxon site and Dover Buckland Anglo-Saxon site in Kent

On-site conservation and post excavation study of objects from Forum Novum excavations in Italy

Excavation and assessment of the Vale of York Harrogate Area Viking hoard

Collaborative work undertaking research on the de-salination of archaeological ironwork

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Professionally accredited conservator-restorer (ACR)

Member of The Institute of Conservation (ICON). www.icon.org

Mentor for ICON’s PACR

Assessor for ICON’s PACR

Recent Publications

Fern, C, Before Sutton Hoo: The Prehistoric Landscape and Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery a Tranmer House, Bromeswell, Suffolk. East Anglian Archaeology Reports. (Forthcoming).

Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Dover Excavations 1994, Keith Parfitt and Trevor Anderson, The Archaeology of Canterbury New Series VOLUME VI Published by Canterbury Archaeological Trust, 2012. Bullock, H “Structural ironwork from graves”, “Object Conservation”, “Sword Scabbards and hilts”, “Caskets and boxes”, “Shields – Notes on mineral-preserved organic remains associated with shield bosses”.

Bullock H, et al (2011) “Evidence for shield construction from the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery site of Tranmer House, Bromeswell, Suffolk”, in The British Museum Technical Research Bulletin Volume 5, ed. Saunders, D. Archetype Publications, pp. 73-80.

Bullock, H “Treasure Uncovered” Whose find is it anyway? Treasure, Metal detecting, Archaeology and Conservation - the life of detected finds after recovery, Ed Kirsten Suenson-Taylor, Claire Heywood and Jo Dillon. ICON Archaeology Group Proceedings of a joint meeting of the UKIC Archaeology Section and the British Museum held at the British Museum on 18th December 2003.