Capucine Korenberg


+44 (0)20 7323 8772


Capucine Korenberg is responsible for implementing preventive conservation across the Museum in collaboration with the preventive conservators. She also conducts research related to the preservation of the collections.

Currently, her main area of research is laser cleaning, an established technique used to remove pollution crusts from stone. Working closely with conservators, Capucine is investigating whether laser might be suitable to clean other materials, such as archaeological coins, archaeological bone and historical iron.

Before joining the Museum in 2003, Capucine was a research fellow at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Textile Conservation Centre, studying the durability of smart and techno fabrics.

Current projects

The investigation and application of laser
Removal of old consolidants from archaeological bone using laser

Evaluation of selected liquid sealants to seal MDF

Storage of rubber objects

Previous projects

Light ageing of paints under anoxic conditions

Analysis of salts formed on ceramic objects

Deterioration of cellulose based materials by ultraviolet filtered light

Light ageing of feathers

Recent publications

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