Andrew Meek


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Andrew works on vitreous materials which include glasses, enamels and glazed artefacts. He provides specialist scientific information on these artefacts to conservators and curators.

In the British Museum Research Laboratory he mainly uses scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray analysis and X-ray fluorescence to identify the composition of vitreous artefacts. This information is used for the preparation of exhibitions, catalogues and excavation reports, and allows a greater understanding of the Museum collections. It is also used by glass and ceramics conservators striving to prevent the deterioration of certain object types.

Andrew studied archaeology, specialising in scientific analysis, at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with an MSc and PhD in Archaeology. The title of his doctoral thesis was ‘The chemical and isotopic analysis of English forest glass’. Discovering the provenance of glass objects using isotopic analysis remains one of his main fields of interest.

He is a board member of the Association for the History of Glass and co-editor of their biannual publication Glass News.

Current projects

Glass vessels and beads from the Ringlemere Anglo-Saxon cemetery

PIXE analysis of Abbasid and Fatimid lustreware ceramics

The production of gold glass in Late Antiquity: scientific analysis of the British Museum collection

The scientific analysis of glass from the Staffordshire Hoard

The provenance of Late Medieval and Early Modern glass artefacts produced in the UK

Developing strategies for the correct storage and cleaning of deteriorating glass artefacts

Recent publications

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