Elizabeth J. Pendleton

Project Curator: Parthian and Sasanian coins
Parthian and Sasanian coins

Department: Coins and Medals 


+44 (0)20 7323 8272

Elizabeth Pendleton works mostly on the Sasanian Coin Project, under Dr Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis.  This is a joint project with the National Museum of Iran in Tehran which began in 2000. The aim is to produce a 2-volume catalogue of Sasanian coins in the National Museum of Iran and the British Museum, which will be available as both a traditional publication and online resource.  Work on the early and middle Sasanian coins (AD 224-531) in the National Museum is now complete.  In late 2006, Elizabeth and Vesta began work on volume 2, with a research trip to the National Museum of Iran.  They scanned the late Sasanian coins (AD 531-651) from the collection and gathered technical data, ready for entry onto a database.

Elizabeth is also involved with the Parthian Coin Project, a multi-institutional venture between the British Museum London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin,Tehran and the American Numismatic Society New York.

Current projects

Sasanian Coin Project 
under the direction of Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis

Parthian Coin Project
under the direction of Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis