Judy Rudoe

Nineteenth and twentieth century collections, including traditional and regional collections from Europe; jewellery, silver, engraved gems from 1660

Department: Britain, Europe and Prehistory


+44 (0)20 7323 8629

Judy Rudoe joined the Museum in 1974 and has specialized in jewellery, following the Hull Grundy Gift of 1978. In 1986, she took over the newly-created modern collection to extend the existing holdings of metalwork, ceramics and glass into the twentieth century. In 2005 she assumed responsibility for the European collections from the former Department of Ethnography (textiles, basketry, woodwork, metalwork and ceramics from the Balkans, Central Europe and Scandinavia).

Current projects

Digitising and re-cataloguing the collections for the online database in the following areas: 19th-20th century applied arts (mainly metalwork, jewellery, ceramics, glass)

Adding new acquisitions in these areas to enhance the existing collections

Digitising and re-cataloguing post-medieval finger rings for the online database to assist the Portable Antiquities and Treasure scheme

Previous projects

Traditional Jewellery and Dress from the Balkans (Display in Room 2: 2011)

Digitising, re-cataloguing and rehousing the traditional and regional collections from Europe (costume, textiles, basketry, ceramics, jewellery, etc, from the former Department of Ethnography)

Elsa Peretti: jewellery and objects for Tiffany & Co. (Display in Room 2: 2009)

Digitising and re-cataloguing other areas of the collections for the online database (launched in 2007)

Curator of ‘Cartier 1900-1939’, and author of exhibition catalogue, 1997

Lead curator for Gallery 47: Europe, the nineteenth century, 1994

Co-author of The Art of the Jeweller. A catalogue of the Hull Grundy Gift of jewellery to the British Museum (1984)

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Leverhulme Research Fellowship 2007

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries since 1989

Member of committee and editorial board for:

Society of Jewellery Historians

Decorative Arts Society

Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society

Recent publications

J. Rudoe & C. Gere, ‘Jewellery at the 1862 Exhibition’, Journal of the Decorative Arts Society,  38 (2014), pp. 83-103

J. Rudoe, ‘Cartier gold boxes: a visionary patron and a bet with Ian Fleming’, Journal of the Decorative Arts Society 37 (2013), pp. 114-135

J, Rudoe, ‘Textiles from the Balkans in the British Museum’, In Between: Culture of Dress between the East and the West, ICOM Costume Committee, Proceedings of the 64th Annual Conference 2011, Belgrade 2012, pp. 49-57

J. Rudoe & C. Gere, Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: a Mirror to the World, (British Museum, London 2010) Winner of the William MB Berger Prize for British Art History 2011

J. Rudoe, ‘James Ronca: cameo-cutter to Queen Victoria’, in La tradizione classica nelle gemme del XVIII e XIX secolo, papers of the symposium held at Udine, September 1998, Rome 2006, pp. 129-144

J. Rudoe, ‘Christopher Dresser and his Sources of Inspiration’, in M. Whiteway (ed.) Christopher Dresser 1834-1904 (London 2004) pp. 81-93 (Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York and Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition catalogue)

J. Rudoe ‘Castellani Micromosaics and their sources’, in The Castellani and Italian Archaeological Jewelry, exhibition catalogue, Bard Graduate Center, New York (2004), pp. 152-178

J. Rudoe and U. Hudson-Wiedenmann,‘Grete Marks: Artist Potter’, Journal of the Decorative Arts Society 26 (2002), pp. 100-119

J. Rudoe, Cartier 1900-1939, (British Museum, London 1997) (4th revised edition 1999) (exhibition catalogue)

J. Rudoe, Decorative Arts 1850-1950: A catalogue of the British Museum collection (London 1991) (2nd enlarged edition 1994)