Beverley Nenk

Curator of Late Medieval Europe and Judaica

Department: Britain, Europe and Prehistory


+44 (0)20 7323 8286

Beverley Nenk is curator of late medieval European collections, and British and European Judaica. She has responsibility for the medieval ceramic collections made between the late Saxon period and the 16th century, including the National Reference Collection of Medieval Pottery and the National Collection of medieval decorated floor tiles. She is also responsible for the medieval and post-medieval Judaica, illustrating the history of Jewish communities in Britain and Europe from the middle ages to the present day. She also writes Treasure reports for the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Current Projects

Judaica, medieval floor tiles and pottery (database enhancements)

Re-cataloguing for publication the British Museum collections of medieval ornamental ceramic roof tiles and finials and the Gerald Dunning documentary archive of medieval ceramic roof fittings

External membership

Member of council and editorial board for the Medieval Pottery Research Group

Member of Jewish Historical Society of England

Recent publications

B.Nenk and M.Hughes, ‘An Acceptable Science: Antwerp maiolica tiles from a Tudor manor house at Place Farm, Bletchingley, Surrey’, in Ceramics and Glass: a Tribute to Sarah Jennings (Medieval Ceramics Occasional Paper 8), forthcoming 2019

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