Imma Ramos

South Asia
Department: Asia 


Imma Ramos is a curator of the South Asia collections at the British Museum where she works on material dating from the tenth century to the present. Her research interests revolve around the relationship between religion, politics and gender and currently include: Tantric material culture; pilgrimage and religious souvenirs; colonialism and revolutionary movements; the visual articulation of Rajput-Mughal relations; 20th century India-Mexico cultural interactions, and the invocation and reinterpretation of the past. She is also currently the coordinator for the Asahi Shimbun Room 3 Displays and co-coordinator of the Global, Local & Imperial Histories Museum Research Group.

Imma completed her BA (2010), MPhil (2011) and PhD (2015) at the University of Cambridge where her postgraduate research was supported by the Pembroke Art History Lander Scholarship and the Cambridge Home and EU Scholarship Scheme.

Current projects

Gallery refurbishment: Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery for China and South Asia, Room 33 (due to re-open November 2017)

Research: South Asian material in the collection dating from 1650 to 1950

Survey: Tantric material in the South Asian collection

Display: Asahi Shimbun Room 3, Virtual pilgrimage: reimagining India’s Great Shrine of Amaravati (August – October 2017). For more information on the display, see: Ramos, I. ‘The Power of Patronage at the Great Shrine of Amaravati,’ The British Museum Magazine (Summer/Autumn edition 2017), pp.30-31.

Display: Spotlight tour, Music of Courtly India (May – June 2017, Derby Museum & Art Gallery; June – August, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery)

Coordinator: The Asahi Shimbun Displays (Room 3)

Co-coordinator: Global, Local & Imperial Histories Museum Research Group

Selected publications

Ramos, I. Pilgrimage and Politics in Colonial Bengal: The myth of the goddess Sati (Routledge: London & New York, 2017).

Ramos, I. ‘From Tipu to Ambedkar: Retelling the story of South Asia at the British Museum,’ Arts of Asia, Vol.47, No.5, 2017.

Ramos, I. ‘A Garland of Melodies: Ragamala paintings for the Rajput, Mughal and Sultanate courts,’ Orientations, Vol.48, No.5, 2017.

Ramos, I. ‘The Visual Politics of Menstruation, Birth and Devotion at Kamakhya Temple in Assam’ in Motrescu-Mayes, A. and Banks, M. (eds), Visual Histories of India (forthcoming, Primus Books, 2017).

Ramos, I. ‘The Fragmentation of Sati: Constructing Hindu identity through nationalistic pilgrimage souvenirs,’ Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Vol.27, 2015, pp.12-35.

Ramos, I. ‘Contesting the Colonial Gaze: Image worship debates in nineteenth-century Bengal,’ Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol.31, No.2, 2015, pp.237-246.

Ramos, I. ‘’Private Pleasures’ of the Mughal Empire,’ Art History, Vol.37, No.3, 2014, pp.409-427.