Derek A. Welsby

Assistant Keeper
Archaeology of Sudan and Egyptian Nubia

Department: Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan 


+44 (0)20 7323 8311

Derek Welsby is responsible for the Sudanese and Egyptian Nubian collections in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan. He is actively involved in fieldwork having directed surveys and excavations on many sites in Sudan since 1982. He has published books, excavations reports and a wide range of articles on many aspects of the archaeology of the region.

As Honorary Secretary of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society he has an important role in raising public awareness of the impressive cultures which flourished in the regions to the south of the First Nile Cataract. He is editor of the Society’s bulletin Sudan & Nubia and of its monograph series.

Current projects

British Museum/SARS Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project: Amri to Kirbekan Survey – post-excavation and publication.

Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project: Excavations in the Northern Dongola Reach within the Kushite town and cemetery at Kawa.

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Member, International Society for Nubian Studies

Honorary Secretary, Sudan Archaeological Research Society

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London

Member, Egypt Exploration Society

Member, Libyan Society

Committee member, Society for the Study of the Sudans, UK

Recent Publications

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