Current research projects being undertaken by staff in the Department of Prints and Drawings:

Multi-volume catalogue of prints by Wenceslaus Hollar, supported by Sound & Vision
Staff: Giulia Bartrum

American prints from 1960 to the present
Staff: Stephen Coppel 

Nineteenth-century French prints for the collection online, funded by various donations
Staff: Charlotte Lepetoukha  

British satirical prints before 1770 for the collection online
Staff: Sheila O’Connell with Rosemary Baker  

Eighteenth and nineteenth-century British prints, for the collection online, funded by the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art
Staff: Oliver Flory, Camila Oliveira de Athayde, Chizuko Owada, Marianne Yule

Natural history drawings from the collection of Sir Hans Sloane, for the collection online, funded by Anne Christopherson
Staff: Felicity Roberts  

Reconstructing Sloane: major inter-institutional research and digitisation project with British Library and Natural History Museum, initial phase, funding to be sought
Staff: Kim Sloan