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Department of Prehistory and Europe

Stone handaxeThe Department of Prehistory and Europe is responsible for collections that cover a vast expanse of time from the earliest human tools in Africa and Asia two million years ago to the art and archaeology of Europe from the earliest times to the present day, including the history of Britain under Roman occupation.

Curators in the department are experts on a wide variety of subjects from areas such as Palaeolithic Archaeology (Old Stone Age) in Europe and around the world, Neolithic (New Stone Age), Bronze Age and Iron Age Archaeology in Europe and Roman BritaiThe Battersea Shieldn. Specialists cover many aspects of Medieval, Renaissance and Modern European culture, including twentieth century design from North America.

The department currently has eleven galleries displaying highlights from its collections. As well as exhibitions, we are involved in a wide range of research, excavations and publications and also actively communicate with the public through radio and television programmes and the new media.

Staff are engaged in helping members of the public with enquiries, the identification of objects and scholarly research. An important part of the department's work is connected with finds of Treasure from England and supporting the work of the Portable Antiquities Scheme.