Britain, Europe and Prehistory Staff

  • Nick Ashton 
    Curator of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic collections, Palaeolithic and Mesolithic collections
  • Sue Brunning 
    Curator, Early Medieval European Insular Collections
  • Paul Buck 
    Curator, horological collections
  • Jill Cook
    Deputy Keeper, Department of Britain, Europe & Prehistory
  • Oliver Cooke 
    Curator, horological collections
  • Lloyd de Beer 
    Project Curator: Medieval collections
  • Chris Entwistle 
  • Julia Farley 
    Curator: European Iron Age collections
  • Richard Hobbs 
    The Weston Curator of Roman Britain
  • Elisabeth O'Connell 
    Assistant Keeper (Curator), Byzantine World.
  • Judy Rudoe 
    Curator, Nineteenth and twentieth century collections; jewellery, silver, engraved gems from 1660; textiles and other East European/Balkan collections from the former department of Ethnography
  • Naomi Speakman 
    Curator, Medieval Collections
  • Dora Thornton 
    Curator, Renaissance Collections and the Waddesdon Bequest, Renaissance European culture
  • Laura Turner 
    Curator: Horological Collections
  • Neil Wilkin 
    Curator, Bronze Age Collections, Bronze Age Britain and Europe

The work of the department is supported by a team of Museum Assistants and administrative staff.