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The following links to authoritative online resources are related to the study of Coptology, Egyptology, Papyrology and Sudanology. They are freely available on the internet. Some links take you to invisible web sites which are excluded from general-purpose search engines and web directories.

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General resources

Archaeological Resource

Egyptology Resources

British Egyptological Societies Directory

Egyptologists' Electronic Forum

International Book Search

British Library Catalogue

COPAC : Union catalogue of the online catalogues of the members of the Consortium of Research Libraries (British Isles)

IFLANET : a directory of all known current national union catalogues

The European Library (Europe)

Library of Congress Catalogue (Washington, USA)

LIBWEB : Library Servers via WWW (Worldwide)

LibDex : a comprehensive international library catalogue directory, index to 18,000 libraries

InforM25 : M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries (London and South East England)

OCLC WorldCat

Online catalogues

Online catalogues of Egyptological libraries or major libraries with good collections of books on Egypt and the Sudan


Macquarie University Library


University of Toronto Libraries : the holdings of the two major Egyptological libraries, The John P. Robarts Library and the library of the Royal Ontario Museum, are included in this Union Catalogue

Czech Republic

Czech Institute of Egyptology (Prague)


American University in Cairo Libraries

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The National Library and Archives of Egypt

Tanta University


British Library (London)

Egypt Exploration Society Library Catalogue (London)

The holdings of the Sackler Library at Oxford University are included in SOLO, the SOLO, the Oxford University libraries online catalogue


French collective catalogue created by Higher Educational and Research Libraries


The holdings of the library of the Ägyptologisches Seminar at the Freie Universität Berlin are included in the University's Union Catalogue

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, fachbezogene Informationen Sondersammelgebiet Ägyptologie

The holdings of the library of the Seminar für Ägyptologie der Universität zu Köln are integrated in the University's Union Catalogue


Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino (Turin) : best library for the subject, an on-line catalogue is not yet available

Istituto Archeologico Germanico di Roma (Rome) : retro-conversion ongoing

Istituto Papirologico "Girolamo Vitelli" (Florence)

La Sapienza: Università degli Studi di Roma (Rome)

Biblioteca Pontificio Istituto Biblico (Rome)

Università di Bologna : Portale delle Bilioteche

Università di Pisa

Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" (Naples)


Database on the Ancient Egyptian Architecture part 1 and part 2, compiled by Prof. Shin-ichi Nishimoto (Institute for the History of Architecture, Waseda University Tokyo)


Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten (Leiden)


National Library of Scotland Online Catalogues (Edinburgh)

Glasgow University Library


The holdings of the library of the Ägyptologisches Seminar at Basel University are included in the University's Union Catalogue

Réseau des bibliothèques de Suisse occidentale 


Brown University Library (Providence)

Cleveland Public Library (Cleveland)

Johns Hopkins University Libraries Catalogue (Baltimore)

Oriental Institute Library Catalogue (Chicago)

Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archive Catalogue : search the Wilbour Library for books on Ancient Egypt (Brooklyn)

University of California, Berkeley : Library (Berkeley)

UCLA Library (Los Angeles)

University of Pennsylvania Library Catalogue (Philadelphia)

Yale University Library (New Haven)

New acquisitions lists

New acquisitions list in Egyptology and Sudanology

Egypt Exploration Society Library (London)

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Sondersammelgebiet Ägyptologie

Bibliothek des Seminars für Ägyptologie der Universität Heidelberg

Sackler Library (Oxford)

Wilbour Library at the Brooklyn Museum

Buying books

Advanced Book Exchange (International)

Atleest (Netherlands)

BookFinder (International)

British Museum Book Shop (UK)

Casalini libri (Italy)

Eisenbrauns (USA)

Dr Rudolf Habelt (Germany)

Harrassowitz Verlag (Germany)

Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (Egypt)

Isseido Booksellers (Japan)

Joppa Books Limited (UK)

Leila Books (Egypt)

Librairie Cybèle (France)

Librairie Erasmus (France)

Librería Mizar (Spain)

Museum Books (UK)

Oxbow Books (UK)

Peeters (main office in Belgium)

Pórtico Librerías (Spain) (UK)

Yare Egyptology (UK) : specialised in the "supply of old and out-of-copyright books and journals on CD-ROM"

Verlag Philipp von Zabern (Germany)

News and blogs


Al-Ahram Weekly On-line

Egypt Daily

Egypt Today

Egyptologists' Electronic Forum : News: a moderated scholarly mailing list

Egyptology Blog

Egyptology News

Khartoum Monitor

Luxor News

Middle East Times

News and Gossip

Oriental Institute News & Notes

Thotweb égyptologie

Databases and e-resources

ABZU : "Abzu is a guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world"

Ancient Egyptian Cemeteries, Tombs, and Burials

Annual Egyptological Bibliography

Aigyptos : Database for Egyptological Literature

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan

The Deir el-Medina Database

Demotische Wortliste online

Digital Egypt for Universities (Petrie Museum, London)

Digitalisierte ägyptologische Print-Literatur und WWW-Publikationen (Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Sondersammelgebiet Ägyptologie)

The Egypt Exploration Society Delta Survey

Egyptian Antiquities Information System : Egyptian Antiquities Information System is the official Geographic Information System (GIS) department of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)

Giza Digital Library

G. Möller, Hieratische Paläographie (Bde. 1-4, 1909-1936, 2. verb. Auflage, 1965)

PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology

Prosopographia Aegypti

Prosopographia Ptolemaica

SISYPHOS - Sammlung archäologischer und ägyptologischer Internetquellen

SSG-S - Subito : Document Delivery Service for the Special Subject Collections

Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae (TLA) (Arbeitsstelle Altägyptisches Wörterbuch, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften) : "Im Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae wird ein digitales Corpus von Texten in ägyptischer (auch demotischer) Sprache zur computergestützten Recherche publiziert."

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (Implementation Phase 1: 2006-2008); UEE Open Version

Wörterbuch der Ägyptischen Sprache and its Belegstellen



The Ancient Egyptian Film Site 
(warning: contains explicit material)

British Film Institute (London)

Internet Movie Database

Librairie-boutique de l'Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris)


Coptology, Coptic Egypt and Papyrology

The Coptic Network

Coptic Orthodox Electronic Publishing (Australia)

W. Ewing Crum, A Coptic Dictionary, 1939

The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church

International Association for Coptic Studies

The St. Pachomius Library : "A first draft for a living Encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity"

The St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society

Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS)

The Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (DDBDP)

Papyrology Home Page (Drew University, Madison)

Papyrology Resources in Perseus

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik : articles of the years 1988-2000 can be downloaded for free



Durham University Library Sudan Archive

Heinrich-Barth-Institut Köln

Meroitic Mailing List

Meroitic newsletter : Reginald Smith has completed (May 2008) the digital compilation of The Meroitic Newsletter. Issues 1-30 are now available for free online, with dozens of articles

Sudan Archaeological Research Society (SARS) (London)

Sudan Guide from Satellite

Sudan Open Archive

Sudanarchäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V.