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Research projects

Current research projects being undertaken by staff in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan:

Amara West, Sudan
Staff: Neal Spencer

The Berber-Abidiya archaeological project
Staff: Julie Renee Anderson

Antinoupolis at the British Museum
Staff: Elisabeth R. O'Connell

The conservation and redisplay of the Nebamun Wall paintings
Staff: Richard B. Parkinson

Egyptian stelae in the British Museum from the thirteenth to seventeenth dynasties
Staff: Marcel Marée

Excavation in Egypt at Tell el-Balamun
Staff: Jeffrey Spencer

Egyptian – Greek relations at Daphnae (Nile Delta)
Staff : Jeffrey Spencer, Francois Leclère

Hagr Edfu, Egypt
Staff: W. V. Davies, Elisabeth R. O'Connell

Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project: Amri to Kirbekan Survey (AKS)
Staff: Derek Welsby

Kom Firin, Egypt 
Staff: Neal Spencer

The Ramesseum Papyri
Staff: Richard B. Parkinson

Wadi Sarga at the British Museum
Staff: Elisabeth R. O'Connell

Urban Development and Regional Identities in Middle Egypt. A Deep History of the Asyut region
Staff: Ilona Regulski