Talking Objects


Young people and British Museum curators explore and respond to the stories behind objects and their relevance today.

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Young people exploring British Museum objects
  • 1

    Young people and Museum staff disucssing the Sikh Fortress Turban

  • 2

    Young people responding to the Jade Terrapin through dance

  • 3

    Discovering the Ain Sakhri lovers figurine during a Talking Objects session

  • 4

    Young people working together during a Talking Objects session

  • 5

    Young people using performance to interpret the Jade Terrapin

  • 6

    Young people exploring a Mexican lintel during a Talking Objects session

Should beautiful objects be admired for their beauty alone?

In collaboration with Brent Young Carers and Camden Crossroads, July 2010

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Talking Objects

How can a 13,000 year old carving connect with us today?

In collaboration with Westminster Kingsway College, February 2010

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Talking Objects

What makes an object art?

In collaboration with TBG Learning Camden, September 2009

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Throne of weapons

Talking Objects

What happens when weapons are transformed into art?

In collaboration with New Horizon Youth Centre, April 2009

Sikh fortress turban

Talking Objects

Exploring and learning about a Sikh turban

In collaboration with the Sikh Educational Council, February 2011

Ife head

Talking Objects

What does this sculpture from west Africa mean today?

In collaboration with SOVA national volunteer mentoring organisation, August 2010

The nef

Talking Objects

A clock? A work of art? Why was the nef built and what did it represent?

In collaboration with Coram, July 2010

Akan drum

Talking Objects

Exploring the history of an Akan drum

In collaboration with Kilburn Youth Centre and the Centre for Black Music Research, University of Westminster, August 2009

Talking Objects

Sowei mask

Talking Objects

Exploring a mask from Sierra Leone

In collaboration with young people from London, August 2011

Talking Objects

The Museum as object

Talking Objects

Is the British Museum an object or just a building full of objects?

In collaboration with Westminster Kingsway College, December 2010


Talking Objects

Discovering the discus-thrower

In collaboration with African and Caribbean Diversity, 1A Arts and Brent Young Carers, Summer 2011

Talking Objects

The Great Wave

Talking Objects

Do you need to know an object's story to fully understand it?

In collaboration with Camden Chinese Community Centre, July 2009

Bull leaper

Talking Objects

Using different techniques to explore an object

In collaboration with BMuse, British Museum Youth Panel, December 2011

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Mina'i bowl

Talking Objects

Reflecting on the objects in the British Museum

In collaboration with Camden Council