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Vacancies in the Visitor and Security Services department

We're recruiting for our Visitor and Security Services department (VSS)

The VSS department has undergone a large change programme to ensure we can continue to deliver the expectations of a world-leading Museum. This includes technology upgrades, new processes and new roles. We're now looking to build upon our existing experienced teams by recruiting new staff who can bring new skills, new ideas and who can help us embed and develop our ambitious change programme.

This is an exciting time to join the VSS department. You'll be able to play your part in shaping the next phase in the department's growth and help us to provide a safe and engaging environment for visitors to enjoy all that the Museum has to offer.

We're committed to equal opportunities and to providing our employees with a work environment free from discrimination in which all can thrive. We recognise and value the benefits of a diverse workforce and we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

You can read more about the roles we're recruiting below.

Please note all applications for the VSS department must be made through the British Museum careers portal.

Who we are

Our Visitor and Security Services department works across the Museum estate to ensure our visitors are able to make the most of every visit.

Whether it's managing public safety, selling tickets to exhibitions, providing information on our collection or patrolling the estate to make sure it's safe and secure, our VSS team provides a welcoming and safe environment that allows our visitors to enjoy their visit. This is an exciting time to join a dynamic and developing department where you'll contribute to delivering a world-class service.

More information on working in the VSS department

Working in the Visitor Services team

The Visitor Services team helps guide our visitors around the Museum by providing advice from the information or ticket desks and by providing a welcome as they patrol the galleries, where they help keep visitors and the Museum safe and secure. They also manage the Box Office where they provide advice to visitors before they even arrive at the Museum as well as selling tickets and tours.

Read about the roles we offer in the Visitor Services team below.

Visitor Services roles

Security Services team

The Security Services team work across a number of areas including managing access to the Museum estate, patrolling and Control Room activities.

They're the first Museum staff that visitors see when they arrive at the Museum and provide a reassuring welcome. The security department is responsible for ensuring that all our visitors are safe, secure and able to enjoy their visit. The team is also responsible for keeping staff, the Museum and its collections safe.

Read about the roles we offer in the Security Services team below.

Security Officer roles

Recruitment timeline

If a role you're interested in isn't listed on our current vacancies, it may be that we haven't started recruitment yet or the advert has closed. 

We encourage you to sign up for email alerts if there's a specific role you're interested in. For this, you'll need to create your account and select 'Job Alerts' under the 'Your Personal Details' section.