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  • Spear thrower made from reindeer antler, sculpted as a mammoth. Found in the rock shelter of Montastruc, France. Approximately 13,000–14,000 years old

  • Tip of a mammoth tusk carved as two reindeer depicted one behind the other. Approximately 13,000 years old, from Montastruc, France

  • Female figure sculpted from steatite. Found at Grimaldi, Italy, thought to be about 20,000 years old

    Musée d'archéologie nationale © Photo RMN/Jean-Gilles Berizzi

  • The oldest puppet or doll: an articulated figure made of mammoth ivory

    On loan from Moravian Museum, Anthropos Institute

  • Fragment of decorated reindeer metatarsal (bone) engraved on the obverse surface with two reindeer. From Madeleine, France

  • Bison sculpted from mammoth ivory. Found at Zaraysk, Russia. About 20,000 years old

    The Zaraysk Kremlin Museum, Zaraysk, Russian Federation

  • Modelled figure of a mature woman from Dolni Vestonice, the oldest ceramic figure in the world

    On loan from Moravian Museum, Anthropos Institute

  • The oldest known portrait of a woman sculpted from mammoth ivory found at Dolní Vestonice, Moravia, Czech Republic. approximately 26,000 years old

    Moravian Museum, Anthropos Institute