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Ted-Bob came from a soroptimist sale and will be 30 this year (which if teddy years are anything like cat years makes him almost 210). He's travelled the world with me, more recently spending months and months staying in various hotels as I travel round the UK as a management consultant.

He endured my early years being dragged along the floor with nothing but a piece of pink ribbon round his neck and throughout my teens had to put up with being stuffed in all sorts of hiding places when boys came round to visit, but he has never deserted me, instead smiling reassuringly from underneath his big dirty nose at all my interview practise, piano practise and long lonely nights working on my computer to get presentations in by the deadlines.

Ted-Bob has travelled to more countries than most adults I know but as his bits start to fall off and he turns increasingly brown, I'm really keen that he learns to chill out a bit and I think this could be a great opportunity for him to try something new in a more relaxed environment, meeting lots of interesting people (people will talk to him whilst he's on display won't they?) and cultivating an appreciation for the arts. Moreover, I think he's the spitting image of Alan Measles! Although he does still have two ears so in the name of acting he fully understands he might have to sacrifice one...

In short, Ted-Bob is made for this role, and he's a got a beautifully knitted sailor suit he's very fond of and would love to have a reason to dress up in.

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